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JANET NUSZ - Hair Salon In Bakersfield


This is Janet!

She has been a hairdresser since 1988 and knew long before choosing this career that this was what she always wanted to do. 

Throughout her years of hairdressing she has experienced many trends from perms and rocker hair, to straight hair, then back to curly hair. 


Although she has lived through several fads and has pretty much seen it all, she still prefers natural, healthy hair. She enjoys coloring and highlighting and is proud of her skill set in this area of her profession. The proof of this is how long her clients have stayed faithful to her and appreciate her services. She is so satisfied when taking dull hair and making it shine using color. Even though she has years of experience, she stays eager and excited to learn new things to further develop her craft or even share her growing knowledge to help her fellow hair dressers. 

Janet is an encourager who loves to cheer people on. She genuinely cares about others, often putting their well-being over her own. She admires her wonderful parents, values her lasting marriage, and adores her daughters. You could search the globe and not find a more beautiful soul. 

She would like to be remembered as kind, loving, and Godly.  She lives her life for an audience of One, but the rest of us get the pleasure of witnessing it. 

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