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CINDY HEDBERG - Barbershop Bakersfield


This is Cindy!


She has been a hairdresser since 1991. 


When she was a young girl she envisioned herself becoming a Veterinarian when she grew up. Although her love for animals has never diminished, influence from family and friends led her into the beauty industry. She was around it from a young age. All of her mom’s friends were hairdressers. Cindy’s mom worked for a company that manufactured hair products and would use Cindy as a hair model because she had super long hair. She always felt comfortable in that environment. 


Fast forward to today and you will see that the confidence Cindy has as an exceptional hairdresser may be a result of early exposure, but also her years of experience in this business.  Cindy is proud of the fact that she has maintained much of her same clientele for many years throughout the duration of her career. This is proof that she is a great hairdresser who takes pride in her work and invests time in continuing the development of her skills. She feels that ongoing education is important because it’s not only inspiring but keeps her up to date on her craft. She is also a great listener because she finds it very important to listen closely to what people want. She does her best to interpret exactly what her clients are saying in order to provide exceptional service and satisfy their desired result. She is passionate about making people not only look better, but feel better too. When people leave with a smile on their face, she knows she’s done a good job! 


In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends and family or volunteering for animal rescue. She is a strong advocate for animal welfare because she feels they need the help of caring people when they cannot help themselves.  Cindy exudes care and compassion and loves to use these traits to provide service for people and animals alike. She works with her hands and serves with her heart. 


Cindy has been described as funny, sarcastic, and one who pulls no punches when it comes to honesty. 


She wants to be known for her sense of humor, big heart, and love for animals. 


Her positive outlook on life keeps her in an attitude of gratitude and thankful for what she has.

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