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ADRIANA RANGEL SALAS - Best Hair Salon Bakersfield


This is Adri! 


She’s been a licensed hairdresser since 1999. She takes absolute pride in her craft and is passionate about delivering quality service. She is a team player who enjoys sharing what she has learned with her coworkers in order to elevate education. When she finds spare time at the salon you will see her helping others refine their skill or researching deep into the science of hair color. She is praised by her wonderful clients who admire her attention to detail and expertise. She is eager to train and teach her guests how to properly care for their hair in order to prevent damage.


Great looking hair, inside and out, is important to her so she appreciates a client who trusts her knowledge and recommendations in order to keep their hair in optimal condition. Not only is she a color expert, her hair cuts are second to none!  She is known for her A-line Bob.


Her biggest personal accomplishment is her family and beautiful daughter, Mia. They drive her desire for success so that she can give them the best!  Her personal motto is “get up, show up, keep your head up”!  She has to be personally intentional about this due to her innate care and concern for the well being of others before herself. She is inspired by individuals who have found courage and strength to pick themselves up and keep going in spite of struggles and set backs in life. 


Adri is humble enough to learn from past mistakes and has no shame in being honest, having integrity, and moving forward. Not only is her work good but she is good, a good person who strives to do good for others.

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