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ERIKA NAPIER - Beauty Hair Salon Bakersfield


This is Erika! 


She’s the kind of  hairdresser that is so confident and comfortable with her craft that she can easily cut and color some hair while simultaneously singing along to her favorite 70’s hits and making sure everyone around her is doing an excellent job also!  She’s like the mother of our team watching over all that’s happening and she’s earned the right with her years of experience. She’s been a licensed hairstylist since 1995. Her experience in this industry makes it easy for her to quickly know what’s possible and how to give clients what they want without compromising the integrity of their hair. She pulls no punches and will tell it like it is. You will appreciate her honesty because she has people's best interest at heart.


She admires other people who share her passion for hard work and honesty. Mixing up the perfect color formula is not her only fine tuned skill, she has the art of making a delicious smoothie down to a science. She always enjoys sharing her recipes with her coworkers and guests. Most days you’ll see her with an iced tea in her hand, sunglasses on top of her head, and flip flops on her feet. She’s just cool and chill like that.


Erika adores her family and builds her life around her role as a wife and mother. It is very important to her to treat others the way she wants to be treated so she measures up to some pretty high standards. Erika is a great person and we are proud and honored to have her on our team.

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